Update, Update, Update…

August 14, 2008

One of the “perks” of living three hours east of Pacific Standard is by the time big news hits, I’m well off to snorestown. I am of course referring to signings of Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and Juan Carlos Perez (thanks Ryan). These signings round out the bunch of draftees I’d most like the Giants to sign.

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Just heard

August 13, 2008

via a poster on MCC that Ryan Rohlinger has been called up. Should be interesting. I think you could see John Bowkerish production out of him (250/300/400), albeit at a more difficult defensive position. Apparently the Giants are also thinking about using him at 2B and SS. Most scouting reports say he doesn’t have the range for SS, but he could have quite a bit of value at 2B.

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Addition, Subtraction, and other fun activities

August 9, 2008

If there is one thing that General Managers Brian Sabean and Billy Beane have in common, it’s that both buck convention. Billy Beane does so with the flair of a virtuoso– he sees the ghost in the machine, the numbers within the numbers, like Hoffman’s idiot savant from Rainman, when the chips are down, he makes it rain (or so I’m told– I never could sit through that movie in its entirety).

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Draft Signing

July 28, 2008

According to Baseball America, the Giants signed 9th round draft pick LHP Ryan Verdugo from LSU. Ryan’s repertoire includes a fastball with good movement that ranges from the low 80s to the low 90s, touching 92. He also offers a average change-up and 12-6 curveball. Scouts have also praised his ability to “compete.” (Gamer Alert! Gamer Alert!) Ryan’s the kind of pitcher who you can expect to do well against younger competition and struggle in AA. He needs to develop a plus plus pitch or refine his command in order to succeed at the major league level. You can find BA’s scouting report of Ryan Verdugo here and PG Crosschecker’s here.

Quick Notes

July 26, 2008
  • The Hardball Times has a mechanical analysis of Giants draftee Conor Gillaspie. Alex Eisenberg, the writer of the article, praises Conor’s swing, but would prefer him to play second base. You and me both Alex.
  • And somewhat related, Andy Baggerly counsels patience and says that “it’s a 99 percent certainty that all four [top draft picks] will agree to terms before the Aug. 15 deadline.” His message sounds familiar.

Draft Signings (Update III)

July 8, 2008
5 Edwin Quirarte RHP Cal State Northridge Calif.
6 Eric Surkamp LHP North Carolina State N.C.
7 Aaron King LHP Surry (N.C.) CC N.C.
8 Scott Barnes LHP St. John’s N.Y.
11 Justin Fitzgerald RHP UC Davis Calif.
12 Ari Ronick LHP Portland Ore.
14 Caleb Curry OF Iowa Iowa
15 Daniel Cook 2B Florida Atlantic Fla.
16 C.J. Ziegler 1B Arizona Ariz.
17 Brian Irving RHP Yale Mass.
18 Brooks Lindsay SS Lower Columbia (Wash.) JC Wash.
19 Ryan Mantle OF Missouri State Mo.
21 Mike Eifel RHP Dominican (Ill.) Ill.
25 Damon Wright OF Dartmouth N.H.
26 Ryan Lormand 2B Houston Texas
27 Kyle Woodruff RHP Chico State (Calif.) Calif.
28 Shane Kaufman RHP San Diego State Calif.
29 Rob Flanigan 1B North Georgia College and State Ga.
30 Vladimir Frias SS Tennessee Wesleyan Tenn.
33 Ryne Price OF Kansas Kan.
38 Chris Wilson RHP Trinidad State (Colo.) JC Colo.
44 Aaron Lowenstein C UC Irvine Calif.

I’m not too worried that the top picks haven’t signed yet. If you look at last year, Bumgarner and Fairley were both signed in August and Alderson signed in late July. One reason for these late signings may be Ned Coletti’s departure as he was reportedly the executive in charge of contract negotiations. It is more likely, however, that players are taking longer to sign because more money is being negotiated. This year even supplemental first rounders are receiving seven figure signing bonuses. I’ll be more concerned if the top four don’t sign by August 1st.  For now, there’s not need to fret.

San Francisco Giants 2000 Draft Review

July 1, 2008

With all of recent draft happenings, I thought it would be interesting to look at the results of a past Giants draft. This was mostly a research project that entailed typing in the names of the players into Baseball Reference and logging what was spit out. I choose to look at the 2000 draft because it’s recent enough to still be relevant to today’s team and enough time has passed so that we can evaluate what happened. Here are the results:

1 RHP John Bonser Part of the trade that shall not be named. Started 60 games for the Twins.
2 3B Lance Niekro Collected 500 at-bats with the Giants. Could not hit right-handed pitching.
3 RHP Brion Treadway Plateaued in AA.
4 LHP Ryan Hannaman Part of Sidney Ponson trade. Highest level was High A.
5 RHP Kyle Gross Could not control his mid-90s heat. Highest level was High A.
6 RHP Chad Ashlock Did not get past Salem-Keizer.
7 LHP Erick Threets Bouncing between AAA and the San Francisco bullpen.
8 CF Nicholas Wilfong Highest level was High A.
9 SS Edwin Maldonado Highest level was High A.
10 CF Adam Shabala Picked up 15 at-bats for San Francisco in 2005.
11 RHP Jackson Markert Plateaued in AA.
12 SS Elliot Strankman Did not get past low A.
13 C Justin Knoedler Did not sign. Drafted and signed by the Giants in 2002. Has 18 AB’s in the Majors.
14 RHP Jason Farmer Highest level was High A.
15 RHP Matthew Faas Did not get past Salem-Keizer.
16 RHP Anthony Pannone Plateaued in AA.
17 RHP Rafael Rigueiro Highest level was High A.
18 RHP Luke Anderson Injury; plateaued in AAA.
19 LHP Daniel Padgett Highest level was High A.
20 RHP Jeff Clark Plateaued in AA.
21 SS Steven Gendron Did not sign. Drafted in 2004 by Marlins, highest level was High A.
22 CF Jason Ellison Has over 500 AB’s in the Majors. Currently with the Reds.
23 RHP Robert King Did not get out of the AZL.
24 RHP Ralph Harrelson Did not get past Salem-Keizer.
25 LF Daniel Trumble Highest level was AA.
26 RHP Matthew Larson Did not sign. Drafted later by Tampa Bay. Did not get past short season ball.
27 LHP Rejino Gonzalez Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
28 LHP Alex Hinshaw Did not sign. Was drafted a few more times before he signed in 2005.
29 LHP Dennis Hernandez Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
30 CF Jason Pekar Did not get past Salem-Keizer.
31 LHP Brian Burres Selected by the Orioles in Rule 5 draft. Has a 5.47 ERA through 200+ innings.
32 RHP Todd Uzzell Plateaued in AA.
33 C James Lunsford Highest level was AAA.
34 RHP Jonathan Albaladejo Did not sign. Drafted by the Pirates in 2001. Pitched for the Yankees this year.
35 1B Matthew Keating Highest level was High A.
36 1B Matthew Gibson Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
37 RHP Jeremy Schmidt Did not sign. Drafted again in 2002. Highest level was AA.
38 RHP Elgin Graham Did not get past low A.
39 SS Gregory Stone Did not sign. Drafted again in 2002 by the Red Sox. Highest level was High A.
40 RF Mark Walker Plateaued in AA.
41 C Michael Cox Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
42 RF Bryan Carter Plateaued in AA.
43 RHP Craig Molldrem Did not sign. Drafted again by Florida in 2004. Highest level was AAA.
44 RHP Jason Daily Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
45 3B Calvin Fugett Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
46 SS Austin Allen Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.
47 2B Bryan Gann Did not get past low A.
48 SS Lou Colletti Nepotism pick? Did not sign.
49 C Nick Conte Another nepotism pick. Did not get past Low A.
50 C Bennett Elder Could not find him. Presumably did not sign.

By my count, there were five signed players who have played or will play a significant amount of time (by significant I mean losing their rookie eligibility) in the Major Leagues: Boof Bonser, Lance Neikro, Erick Threets, Jason Ellison, and Brian Burres. The best of the bunch is probably Boof who John Sickels had regarded as an overdraft on draft day, not because of his pitches, but because of his mechanics and a possibility of weight problems. Thus far that assessment has held true. My guess is that none of these players will be in the majors in five years.

Here are some numbers.

Breakdown by highest level (at least 1 PA or IP):

MLB- 7
AAA- 2
AA- 8
A+- 8
A- 5
ssA- 4
AZL- 1
Did not sign/Could not find- 15

Breakdown by position:

RHP- 20
LHP- 7
C- 5
1B- 2
2B- 1
SS- 6
3B- 2
LF- 1
CF- 4
RF- 2

And of course:

Nepotism picks that amounted to something- 0
Nepotism picks that amounted to nothing- 2

By any measurement this was a terrible draft for the Giants.