Wednesday Web Wozzle

  • There is an article in the Fresno Bee about Matt Downs’ promotion from San Jose to Fresno. It contains some good information on what the transition from San Jose to Fresno is like, especially for a young player.
  • The Fresno Bee also has an article on Dave Roberts that covers rehab, his Red Sox history, and what effect his presence may have on the youngsters.
  • Joe Perez has a good blog entry on the possible affiliation changes next year. I’m rooting for the Giants to move their AA team to a location closer to Indiana, so I can go to a couple of games, but it doesn’t look likely.
  • The Augusta Chronicles has an article on Daryl Maday and his conversion from relief pitcher to starter. Daryl is one of the prospects that I’m keeping an eye on.
  • Here’s a good analysis of the Velez call-up on Chris’s excellent blog Bay City Ball. It gives me an idea for an MLE entry later this week.
  • Speaking of blogs, I’ve added two more Blogs to the roll on the right column, El Lefty Malo and ObsessiveGiantsCompulsive. Lefty’s blog is written with more than one dash of panache, and Martin’s work is always very informative. Definitely worth a look.

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